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excite-deluxe-flowers-philippinesHas it been a while since your last sweet conversation?  When was the last time you went for an intimate dinner for two?  Have you been too busy lately with work that you spend most of your time away from each other?  Sometimes you need to set these things aside and try to focus a bit more on your relationship.  No matter how busy you are you can find a way to express your love in your own special way.  The simplest things really matter if done with love and devotion.

There are different ways to express and receive love.  Some are good with words and write love letters or poetry but you don’t have to be a writer to express your feelings with words.  Simply saying ‘I love you’ or ‘Thank you’ at the most unexpected times will make them smile.

Others are better with simple acts of love like cooking breakfast or doing the chores when they’ve had a hard day at work.  Some love surprises, sending flowers and lovely greeting cards wherever they may be, whether at work or at home.  And then there are those who appreciate being held close the most, feeling a soft kiss on the cheek or being embraced while watching a play or holding hands while enjoying a cup of coffee in their favorite café.

Choose your way of expressing your love to her.  Focus on ways that you’re good at and what  gives you confidence.  And make sure you also consider how she wants to receive love.  Think of what will make her feel special.  If you’re into words then express your love through kind, true, and affectionate words.  Tell her your deepest feelings.  If words aren’t your strength, then express your love through your actions.  Let her feel that you cherish her.  Or simply give her a heartfelt kiss.  Speak your love in your personal way and make her feel special!

This Valentine’s Day, surprise her with what she loves.  Express your deepest affection and make Island Rose a part of your expression of love.  Visit and discover something that will warm her heart.  When words are not enough, say it with roses, say it with Island Rose.

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