Why You Need a Wedding Coordinator?



September 5, 2009

Often unheralded, the wedding coordinator captures much of the blame and never the credit for well-executed weddings.  Some coordinators are solo while some come with quite an arsenal of personnel. But all being equal, their value are sorted down to the following:

Stress Relief.
We are in a wedding crazy country. Being predominantly Catholic and pretentiously religious people we have a tendency to invest a lot in our nuptials.  An often-mentioned jibe is, but always half true, we do not simply marry another person. We marry into a whole family.  Hiring a coordinator can give the couple an unbiased anchoring point into uniting the preferences of both sides of the families including friends and patrons.

Sometimes just keeping the peace between clans is worthwhile enough to hire a professional.

The most popular churches sometimes are booked so far back that the entire wedding takes a year or more to produce.  This fact alone will warrant a point person to tasklist activities and to do’s while the engaged couple live through their careers and gather resources at the same time.

Keeping focus also means contacting and constantly reminding the concerned guests, participants and most importantly suppliers to keep to the schedule.  This would be equal to planning a one-night concert, innumerable details and intricate logistics all for a single performance.

Cost Control.
Being such an emotional adventure for the couple, most weddings go haywire in the budget department because of a lot of impulsive decisions.  Having the heart instead of the head often leads to years of debt for newlyweds. Something we should always try to avoid.

The planners experience in creatively juggling “wants versus needs” will establish parameters in behalf of the couple and keep the budget in line.  Being a professional, the planner will keep financial positions private and may sometimes intercede by extending terms for payments since they are usually highly regarded by suppliers and entertainers.
A Fistful of Wisdom
Experienced coordinators have seen it all and heard it all.  Legal and sacramental advise come with the package of these planners.  Churches have different restrictions, venues have deficiencies and provinces have different beliefs, superstitions and traditions. Coordinators can pour all these particulars and line up a pocket of solutions to satisfy most requirements.

Free Time
Getting a coordinator most importantly gives you invaluable free time to spend on finer matters, such as interviewing photographers and videographers to capture important moments in your celebration. Even choosing the albums can be quite a chore. Picking out the flowers and décor to match your theme, listing down items for the bridal registry, attending to fittings, going to salons and most importantly meeting up friends and sponsors to make sure they will give your union the support it deserves. Actually most of what has just been set will be done with much help from the coordinator as they can filter the ones you should talk to or deal with in the first place.

In sum, the wedding coordinator gives the most value by covering the intangibles leading to that special day. They are like an insurance policy to enable the couple to experience more joy. They will carry the extra safety pin, the spool of thread, the extra car, the duct tape and the very best ones carry something borrowed and something blue.


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