Keeping the Flame Alive (Surpassing The Seven Year Itch)



February 7, 2010

People can spend a lifetime finding their match.  Endless opportunities are created to engage other people who may have the potential to be your mate for the moment or perhaps the partner of a lifetime.

For the lucky ones who seemingly achieved the task, the challenge is transformed from hunting into maintaining it.  Romance and sexual energies in a marriage may fade over time, but there are many ideas that can maintain the relationship. But for the astute the goal should actually be is make the marriage flourish.
The origin of the phrase “seven year itch” according to  is a term that refers to the high incidence of men to conduct extra marital affairs after seven years. Although its original use in the 19th century was for a skin condition much like pimples that was very irritating which called for relief via a scratch or two.

Use of the connotation was further absorbed in western vocabulary with Marilyn Monroe’s 1955 film of the same title, directed by Billy Wilder.  Soon enough it stood for almost everything that was annoying.

Fairy tale beginnings for couples do not always results in happy endings. More than a few cowboys can say that the have been able to ride into the sunset with a badge of a successful marriage and family on their sleeve.

Kisses can keep it going says Whether a spouse came from work or just around the corner, a simple peck on the cheek or the surprising smack on the lips can be a regular ego boost.

Naturally if kisses can help, then physical contact by cuddling or caressing can also communicate that care still resides at home. Keeping groomed and in great shape also helps out a lot since it tells your mate that you still care enough to always look and be at your best.

A surefire winner is by allotting a time or opportunity for sex. People who like sex are not all deviants. More and more people openly discuss sex and how it enriches a marriage by adding spice into it, besides just for procreation.

An old suggestion was to never sleep on a dispute. Resolve your issue before going to bed as it will keep you fresh and focused to face the challenge of the new day.

Marriage is supposed to be a long journey according to, its not a sprint, it should be a marathon.  And if injuries arise in the race, turn to the best medicine in the land. Laughter. Find and create moments or activities that bolster the heehee’s into haha’s.

Rekindle the romance by starting to date again. The everyday rigors of working, paying for bills and raising children should not stop you from transformation of desire for other women for the sheer thrill of the chase by alluding to your mate as a target of your affections once again.  Men can be very devious and seemingly brilliant in hiding their affairs, so imagine if these energies were lashed back to the wife. Sparks will truly fly once again.

A link from this site makes another powerful suggestion by using not just your vigorous appendages, instead to make use of your ear. Listen to her more. There’s a lot of things that have happened since you married the girl, you may have noticed that she is now a woman.

Look at her more, she does not go to the parlor or the gym and scratch the color out of the credit cards from shopping just to be away from you. Most women’s vanity is actually meant to keep your eyes on the prize.

Lastly, use your lips after the kiss to blow compliment back at her. Behind every successful man is a woman, and a happy woman is an emotional satisfies woman. After seven years, a cheer here and there can still make you a winner at the game of life.


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