How To Choose The Best Flowers For Any Occasion

erika Tempongko


October 28, 2020

How can you choose the best flowers for any occasion?

  1. Know the meaning of each flower
  2. Consider the recipient
  3. Understand your intention
  4. Match the occasion

Anyone would be delighted to receive roses during Valentine’s Day or any romantic celebration. There’s just simply nothing like a bouquet of these red blossoms to remind you of the love and affection someone has for you. But you can’t really just be randomly receiving and giving roses at any time. Not all events demand the presence of a red rose. When it comes to this situation, people should know how to choose flowers for any occasion.

There’s a flower for the right time and place. Not putting in some thought before giving someone this classic gift can come across as insensitive or unthoughtful, whether you intend it or not. With this guide, you’ll no longer have to experience flower-giving blunders. Read on to learn more.

Know the Meaning of Each Flower

Red roses symbolizing love

There’s always a hidden message behind every present that we give and receive. Without having to explicitly say the words, we want to convey certain messages with gifts that simply speak for themselves. In much the same way, every flower is rich with meaning and symbolism. The key to unveiling these messages is to know the meaning behind each and every flower that you’re planning to give.

For example, it’s a given that red roses are a symbol of love. The vibrant red color is a reminder of a passionate and unwavering romance that vows to stand the test of time. But what about orange and yellow roses? These colors on the other hand are more of an expression of gratitude and friendship, while lavender and pink are more frequently associated with admiration, happiness, and enchantment for someone.

Consider the Recipient

A little girl giving her parents flowers for their anniversary

Once you have discovered the meaning of each flower, you would now have to think about the person receiving them. Is it a family member? A significant other? How about a friend or a stranger? Your decision to give them a type of flower ultimately depends on who they are and what they mean to you.

Let’s say you’re celebrating your parents’ anniversary. Since you have a close and loving relationship with them, they’ll be happy to receive any kind of flower from you. Even this orange and peach rose bouquet from Island Rose’s Dusk selection will make them smile.

But what about if you’re courting someone whom you aren’t really close with? It’d be quite unusual and a bit awkward to give them the same bouquet. Instead, you really want to make your intentions known by giving them an exquisite bouquet of lavender roses to express your admiration.

Understand Your Intention

A woman giving her friend flowers

It’s important to also look inwards when you’re planning to give flowers to someone. Ask yourself questions like “What are my intentions?” or “What do I hope to achieve by giving this bouquet of flowers?”

You certainly don’t want someone to have the wrong idea about your present. Giving a gift of flowers should be seamless and uncomplicated. These humble, yet lovely blossoms simply speak for themselves.

If you want to apologize to a friend, but aren’t necessarily good with your words, a bunch of yellow roses like Island Rose’s Christine bouquet might just do the trick.

Yellow symbolizes friendship. When your friend receives this gift, no doubt they’ll get the idea that you’re trying to mend a rift in your friendship with them. Combined with your sincerest apologies, the bouquet can easily do wonders for your friendship with them.

If you give your friend a red rose, they may not understand what you’re trying to do. In fact, they may even think that you’re insincere about your actions. This is why if you want to avoid this from happening, have an idea of what message you want to deliver — have only your purest and most genuine intentions at heart.

Match the Occasion

A husband giving his wife flowers for their anniversary

Occasions that involve flowers may be classified as formal and non-formal events. If you’re giving someone a flower just for the sake of it, then that can easily be categorized as non-formal. Think Valentine’s Day celebrations, anniversaries, and apologies.

The more formal events, on the other hand, include funerals and wakes. While a simple bouquet might do for these events, it’s still better to give a meaningful flower arrangement that’s been professionally-arranged by Island Rose.

Flowers for Formal Events

Island Rose has a range of flowers for all the kinds of events mentioned above. If you want to express sympathy for the departure of a loved one, a close friend, or a family member, their White Harmony Flower Wreath is the best way to honor them. You may also opt for their box of cream pink Peach Comfort bouquet to give comfort to those who have been bereaved.

Flowers for Non-Formal Events

For more casual celebrations, you can find a wide array of bouquets and boxed flower selections from Island Rose. They also offer special collections of boxed roses that come with a cute miniature teddy bear. You may also want to check out their line of Fresh Flower bouquets that feature colored roses in vibrant and lively shades that can match any casual celebration.

Key Takeaway

With the simple guide above, you’ve learned just some of the basics on how to choose flowers for any occasion. When it comes to flowers, the best piece of advice is to always understand the meaning behind them.

When you have this in mind, the rest will follow. You’ll be able to find the right flower for casual and formal events without even thinking too much about it.

With the assistance of a premier online flower delivery service like Island Rose, you can easily have access to the freshest and highest-quality flowers that are guaranteed to transform any event. Click here to view their other selections.

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