5 Flower Bouquet Ideas For Christmas

erika Tempongko


November 18, 2020

What are some flower bouquet ideas for Christmas?

  1. Red France Bouquet: A Christmas Favorite
  2. Sunset Bouquet: Flowers That Exude The Holiday Spirit
  3. Four Seasons: For Those Who Want A Custom Bouquet
  4. Classic Black: Floral Centerpiece In A Box
  5. Bouquets With Added Gifts

Indeed, the Christmas season has arrived! Bright lights have been lit up in the streets, Christmas trees have been put up inside homes, and Christmas songs have started playing in all kinds of establishments. This is the most awaited time of the year that reflects the spirit of joy and giving. When it comes to this special holiday, you should know about these flower bouquet ideas for Christmas.

While it’s true that you can give just any item you find at the mall, there’s simply nothing like receiving a flower bouquet. Even if you’re not with your loved ones right now, you can simply look for online flower delivery in Manila and skip the gift guessing game. Read on to learn more about some ideas for Christmas flower bouquets!

Red France Bouquet: A Classic Christmas Favorite

When you think of timeless flowers, it’s likely that the first thing that comes to your mind is a bouquet of red roses. This Christmas, why don’t you send a bouquet of red roses to your partner? She would be more than happy to receive the Red France bouquet from Island Rose.

It comes as no surprise why couples prefer red roses. After all, red is the color of romance and love. The Red France bouquet’s vibrant scarlet color will also remind your partner of the classic Christmas colors!

Sunset Bouquet: Flowers That Exude The Holiday Spirit

Sunset Bouquet

The colors that are commonly associated with Christmas are red, green, gold, and white. To ensure that the person you’re sending a bouquet to feels the holiday spirit, why don’t you choose flowers that match the Christmas colors?

A great choice would be to send a bouquet arrangement like Island Rose’s Sunset. With colors of red and yellow, it will certainly exude the holiday spirit.

Four Seasons: For Those Who Want A Custom Bouquet

Four Seasons Deluxe

When it comes to giving Christmas bouquets, you don’t always have to stick to one flower color. It’s important to also add a personal touch that best expresses your feelings.

Of course, this can only be achieved with a customized bouquet like Island Rose’s Four Seasons. It allows you to create your own bunch of roses! Choose up to four colors and the florists will pick the roses and arrange a perfect flower bouquet for you.

Classic Black: Floral Centerpiece In A Box

Classic Black

Flower bouquets can be easily transformed into beautiful centerpieces. Who knows? The person you give the bouquet to might appreciate having a floral centerpiece for their Christmas dinner table.

For the holidays, a combination of red and white roses in a box such as Island Rose’s Classic Black is a perfect choice. The stems are meticulously cut into ideal lengths to specifically adorn tables as a centerpiece. Its richly elegant flowers cast a stunning Christmas glow for candlelit dinners with family and friends.

Bouquets With Added Gifts

Teddy Bear

Apart from the flower bouquet itself, there is a wide variety of gifts you can add alongside them. There is no limit when it comes to Christmas gift-giving and you can be as generous as you’d like with yours.

If you think your receiver loves a warm, cuddly buddy, then adding this fluffy little teddy bear that sits at 12 inches tall will certainly be appreciated. This cute bear comes with hand-embroidered messages of your choice to fit any occasion. You can also give them a piece of jewelry like the Open Heart Pendant to remind them of your love in the most ideal way possible.

At Island Rose, we believe that gifts are best when they leave lasting memories. You can select from our wide catalog of gift items to match your flower bouquet and discover a whole new way of expressing your feelings.

Key Takeaway

With the article above, you now know about some of the best flower bouquet ideas for Christmas. Just remember that when it comes to gift-giving, the best piece of advice would be to give from the heart.

Once you’re ready to send that flower bouquet, order from the premier flower delivery in the Philippines — Island Rose. For decades, we have been the longest-running eCommerce flower retailer in the country. Make your receiver’s holiday even more special with high-quality flowers from Island Rose.

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