Do You Know The Different Rose Color Meanings?

erika Tempongko


December 12, 2020

Do you know the different rose color meanings?

  1. Red: Romance and Love
  2. Yellow: Friendship and Well Wishes
  3. White: Purity and Sympathy
  4. Pink: Grace and Femininity

Sending someone roses is never just a gift. Each flower has a meaning that could be used to express how you really feel for the person. Not only does the manner of delivery and arrangement matter, but the color of the flowers can mean the difference between saying “I love you” and “I’m grateful for you”. Read on to learn more about the different rose color meanings.

Red: Romance and Love

Red roses representing romance and love

The red rose holds the deepest meaning among all rose colors because it is the universal symbol of love and romance.

This color’s long and eventful history led to its significance today. In the past, the red rose has always been incorporated into many works of art. From classic poetry to beautiful paintings — it has been the inspiration for many artists and lovers across different cultures. As red roses portrayed the meaning of affection, it grew more popular and became the flower of choice for lovers. This tradition still lives on until the present day.

Sending red roses is the most popular way to say “I love you”. These are typically given on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. However, you can give it any day to express your romantic feelings and represent a true love stronger than thorns. For budding romances and new relationships, red roses can signify the start of romantic intentions and an invitation to commit to the relationship.

A stunning red rose bouquet such as Island Rose’s Red France can evoke a meaningful response from your recipient. This is a trait that no other flower color can convey.

Yellow: Friendship and Well Wishes

Yellow roses representing friendship and well wishes

The yellow rose is younger than all the other rose colors because it was discovered growing wild in the Middle East during the 18th century. However, it doesn’t make its history any less meaningful. Back then, yellow roses had an unpleasant and pungent aroma. Cultivation methods refined it and grew to the beloved sweet-smelling yellow rose we know today.

Furthermore, the first civilizations worshipped the sun as a god. It’s not a surprise for many cultures to see the vivid yellow color as holding a positive meaning such as wisdom and joy.

As the yellow rose continued to evolve, the meanings attached to it did as well. Today, the color yellow is associated with light, warmth, joy, and friendship.

Sending a bouquet of bright yellow rose blooms signifies a sunny and cheerful emotion. As opposed to the romantic meaning of red roses, yellow roses are a symbol of friendship. It expresses a message of appreciation and platonic love.

Yellow roses are the perfect gift to show your warmth and compassion to friends, even during difficult times. It can also be sent to someone who’s sick at the hospital or who is generally feeling down. The soft radiance of yellow roses makes them appropriate for starting new journeys such as graduations, homecomings, or birthdays. So, whenever you want to brighten up someone’s day, send a bunch of pristine yellow roses such as Island Rose’s Christine.

White: Purity and Sympathy

White roses representing purity and sympathy

White roses represent innocence, purity, and sincerity because of their delicate appearance. Many cultural legends talk about the origins of white roses. The most popular one is related to the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite. According to the myth, all roses were white until Aphrodite pricked herself with thorns and turned them into vivid colors of red

White roses symbolize the pureness of love during weddings. In the past, these were widely used as bridal bouquets or as decorations around the altar. For funerals, different arrangements of white roses such as wreaths can be used as a tribute to the departed loved one.

Nowadays, white roses continue to keep their meaning that ranges from purity to sympathy. They convey sentiments of hope and support. A bouquet of pure white roses is not only stunning, but the simplicity of its beauty delivers a sincere meaning.

At Island Rose, we can create an arrangement to let your recipient know your purest intentions. The angelic bouquet White Naomi has stunning large white buds and extra-long stems. It is undoubtedly the perfect surprise for your loved one because of its unmatched prestige and charm!

Pink: Grace and Femininity

A woman surrounded by pink roses

Believe it or not, the first traces of pink roses were found in fossils dating back millions of years ago. With the development of hybridization techniques, botanical experts introduced cultivated new shades of pink roses to the public. It is truly a timeless flower.

As more shades and species evolved, each began to have their own meanings, and the meaning of pink roses became even more refined.

Different shades of pink roses also carry their meanings. Light pink roses are associated with gentleness. Its subtle color can also be used to express sympathy. On the other hand, brighter-toned pink roses can mean appreciation and gratitude.

Today, pink roses are known for symbolizing grace and femininity. For this reason, it’s an ideal gift for mothers, sisters, or loved ones to give thanks. Let Island Rose’s Calima make sure your recipient feels special and loved. Its poise and composure will deliver your message crystal clear.

Key Takeaway

Before you plan on sending a rose bouquet to your loved one, remember these different rose color meanings.

Be it pure white, passionate reds, bright yellows, or subtle pinks — we at Island Rose will be more than happy to assist you with the right bouquet color. Click here to talk to our florists and convey your sincere feelings today!

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