Send These 6 Valentine’s Day Bouquets In The Philippines

erika Tempongko


January 19, 2021

What are the Valentine’s Day bouquets in the Philippines?

  1. Red France: Valentines Day Classic
  2. Gloria: Pure White Bouquet
  3. Diva: A Cheerful Bunch
  4. Calima: A Lovely Pastel Pink Mix
  5. Flowers In A Box
  6. Personalized Blooms: Four Seasons

The roots of Valentine’s Day can be traced back down to ancient Roman mythology for festivals honoring gods and goddesses for women, marriage, and fertility. It is no wonder that romance is associated with this celebration. For centuries, people have been giving flowers to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. So which blossoms are the best for expressing your love and affection? Read on because we have rounded up the most stunning Valentine’s Day bouquets in the Philippines.

At Island Rose, all our flowers are imported from Europe and grown in the most sophisticated flower farm in the country. As the best flower bouquet delivery in the Philippines, rest assured you will send only the best quality roses to your loved ones.

Red France: Valentines Day Classic

Red France: Valentines Day Classic

When you think of Valentine’s Day, chances are red roses immediately come to mind. For a good reason, the color red holds the universal meaning of love and passion.

This color has a rich and eventful history that led to its association with romance. In the past, red roses have been used in many famous works of art — may it be classic poetry or captivating paintings. It has strongly portrayed the meaning of affection. This tradition continues to live on today, making the red rose the top bouquet choice of lovers.

No other type of flower can convey the meaning of “I love you” than sending a bouquet of Island Rose’s Red France. Blessed with vibrant, scarlet color, the Red France is a hybrid tea — a rose product of cross-breeding between hybrid perpetual roses and old-fashioned tea roses. These are the most popular roses that have all the virtues to look for in a high-quality Valentine’s day bouquet: beauty, fragrance, and easy care. A perfectly arranged bunch of these are ideal to convey the deepest feeling of love.

Gloria: Pure White Bouquet

Gloria: Pure White Bouquet

Nowadays, white roses continue to uphold their meaning. The color white represents purity and sincerity because of their delicate and elegant appearance.

A pure white Valentine’s Day bouquet is not only charming, but the simplicity of its beauty expresses the sincerest feelings of love and affection. Let the fresh bunch of Island Rose’s Gloria say you care.

The Gloria possesses a snowy white color and extra-long stems that grow up to a meter with a large, full bloom. This bouquet is unmatched when it comes to prestige and charm. It is ideal for budding relationships to signify pure and romantic intentions.

Diva: A Cheerful Bunch

Diva: A Cheerful Bunch

If you want to cheer up someone for Valentine’s Day, sending a bouquet of Island Rose’s Diva is sure to put a smile on their face. It will do wonders for expressing how much you appreciate spending time with them.

Want a bouquet for Valentine’s day that oozes with vibrancy? The Diva combination of bright reds and deep oranges roses make for one of the most extraordinary bouquets you will ever send. It can be the ideal bouquet to symbolize friendship or celebration and joy, adding a delightfully sweet and uplifting touch.

Calima: A Lovely Pastel Pink Mix

Calima: A Lovely Pastel Pink Mix

A lovely pastel pink mix of roses has a timeless touch to it. It is aesthetically-pleasing and the subtle pink color is often associated with femininity and grace. For this reason, you might want to give a pink Valentine’s Day bouquet like the Island Rose’s Calima.

Of course, Valentine’s Day is not just about lovers. It is also the perfect time to express your appreciation for mothers, sisters, friends, or any other loved ones for that matter. A delicate and bewitching combination of pink and cream flower petals adorn the Calima bouquet. Let its poise and beauty ensure your recipient feels special and loved.

Flowers In A Box

Flowers In A Box

A bunch wrapped in roses or a fresh arrangement in a vase not enough for Valentine’s Day? Flowers that are carefully arranged in stunning boxes are rising to popularity nowadays. Island Rose offers you a wide variety of modern and breath-taking arrangements of floral keepsake boxes to choose from.

For an elegant touch, the Love In Black has perfectly blooming red roses that come in an all-black box. The Red Elegance has rich pink roses sitting in a red box that are meticulously cut into ideal lengths ready to be sent to your special someone. Or perhaps you want to go for pure white roses in a striking red box? Then send the Fresh in Red for Valentine’s Day.

These flowers in a box are carefully arranged and can be used as centerpieces or to store precious mementos.

Personalized Blooms: Four Seasons

Personalized Blooms: Four Seasons

You don’t always have to stick to one rose color. It’s important to add a touch of personal touch to express your sincere efforts of love. It can be incredibly challenging to choose what type of flowers is best for your special someone, so why not go for a custom bouquet like Island Rose’s Four Seasons?

We offer to let you create your own bunch. Simply choose up to four colors and our florists can arrange the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet for you! If you wish, you can also add other assortments like a cuddly bear with a personalized message or an exquisite silver pendant for our loved one.

Key Takeaway

It’s important to think about what bouquet your Valentine will love the most. If you need a little inspiration, here are the most stunning Valentine’s Day bouquets in the Philippines. These floral arrangement ideas from Island Rose can help you express your feelings.

As the premier flower bouquet delivery in the Philippines, we can send your chosen bouquet right to your recipients’ doorstep. Click here to browse the entire product collection or get in touch with our team by calling +632-8626-3845!

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