6 Top Valentines Day Flower Ideas

erika Tempongko


January 21, 2021

What are the top Valentine’s day flower ideas?

  1. A Classic Red Rose Bouquet
  2. A Glamorous Spring Bouquet
  3. Flower In A Box
  4. Two Dozen Pure White Flowers
  5. Personalized Flowers
  6. Flowers With A Mini Bear and Chocolates

February 14 is the perfect time of year to show your significant other your care and appreciation. And while you can settle for small gestures here and there, this is the one day you can be extra romantic and give your gifts a good thought. After all, there are many Valentine’s Day flower ideas.

For the longest time, couples have been sending flowers on this special occasion. However, given the wide selection for flower delivery in the Philippines, it can be extremely challenging to choose which one expresses your feelings perfectly.

Don’t worry! From the red rose classics, flowers with chocolates, cuddly bears, floral boxes, to even stunning necklaces, you’re bound to find an idea on this list that is sure to make your partner feel loved.

A Classic Red Rose Bouquet

A Classic Red Rose Bouquet

Finding the perfect gift for your significant other can be tough, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. But, you can never go wrong with a classic red rose bouquet.

Red is a vibrant color that universally signifies immense passion and romance. So it comes as no surprise for red roses to be used in famous artworks and poetry that portray affection and intimacy.

No other flower idea can signify the words “I love you” than sending a bouquet of Island Rose’s Red France. These European blooms are a hybrid tea — a rose made from cross-breeding of perpetual roses and old-fashioned tea roses. It combines beauty, fragrance, and easy care in one arrangement that will never fail to make your significant other feel special.

A Glamorous Spring Bouquet

If classic red roses aren’t your style, mix things up by ordering a glamorous bouquet with a color palette of spring. The Fancy arrangement of Island Rose looks refreshing and offers a touch of sophistication.

Light and cheerful with sweet hues of yellow and pink roses, it blends well to form a one of a kind flower bouquet. Rest assured it will remind your significant other about the beauty of nature and seasons, leaving a smile on their face.

Flower In A Box

Flower In A Box

Flowers in a box are trending on social media for a good reason. If a bouquet of roses or a fresh arrangement in a vase won’t do the trick for expressing your feelings, perhaps you can go for stunning blooms that lay in a well-designed box?

At Island Rose, we have breathtaking selections of floral keepsake boxes with different choices for flower colors. The Love In Black is perfect for those who prefer an elegant touch. It comes with blooming red roses and an all-black box. Another example would be the Darling arrangement, which has lovely dual shades of pink roses in a violet box.

If you take inspiration from these Valentine’s Day flower ideas, they can serve as captivating table centerpieces or a holder for nostalgic mementos such as photographs, letters, or precious jewelry.

Two Dozen Pure White Roses

Two Dozen Pure White Roses

White roses continue to uphold their interpretation of purity and sincerity. Given the delicate appearance, they never fail to charm anyone. Valentine’s Day only happens once a year. So why don’t you opt for a touch of extravagance to express your love for your partner?

The Pearl Premium from Island Rose is sure to impress with two dozen pure white roses. It comes with large full-blooming snow-white petals and six stems of button chrysanthemums meticulously arranged in a high-quality resin vase with Papua and asparagus leaves.

This flower is unrivaled when it comes to prestige and charm. It is ideal for budding relationships to signify pure romantic intentions.

Personalized Flowers

Personalized Flowers

A delicate and bewitching bouquet can easily make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. But if you don’t know the first thing about bouquets, we’re here to help. You can create a custom bunch with the Island Rose Four Seasons.

Simply tell us the four (4) colors you have in mind and our florists can arrange the perfect Valentine’s bouquet for you. This fresh flower arrangement will convey your innermost feelings for that special someone. Plus, the personalized touch can impart a sweet message like “You’re special to me”.

Flowers With A Mini Bear and Chocolates

Flowers With A Mini Bear and Chocolates

Flowers are a timeless staple that symbolizes romance and affection. However, there are other ways to spice up your gift. Why not take inspiration from Island Rose’s Cheerful Moments? It has multiple gift items merged into one gift package!

The rose variety used in the arrangement is imported from Europe and grown in the most sophisticated flower farm in the Philippines. To add to that, the set of delicious Belgian chocolate bars feature three delicious flavors: Dark Chocolate with Grand Marnier, Milk Chocolate with Extra Praline, and White Chocolate with Cafe Rum. Accompanying the roses and chocolates is a cuddle mini bear that is 4-inches tall.

Your partner will surely be delighted at this set that you’ll find only at Island Rose!

Key Takeaway

It’s official! Cupid is about to arrive along with the most romantic month of the year. We hope our Valentine’s Day flower ideas help make the occasion even more special. Express your love and appreciation with Island Rose!

As the best flower delivery in the Philippines, we can send your chosen bouquet right to your significant other’s doorstep. All our flowers are imported from Europe to ensure the best quality. We also have multiple payment options for utmost convenience.

Click here to shop from the entire flower collection or get in touch with our team by calling +632-8626-3845!

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