9 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Long Distance Relationship

erika Tempongko


February 9, 2021

What are some of the Valentine’s Day ideas for long distance relationship?

  1. Plan a virtual dinner date
  2. Send your partner a gift
  3. Write each other handwritten letters
  4. Stream a movie at the same time
  5. Send a pre-recorded video message
  6. Listen to playlists together
  7. Do arts and crafts
  8. Watch the sunset together
  9. Surprise your partner in person

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be thinking about what to do to celebrate this most romantic time of the year. Whether you are in a new relationship or a long-term one, you and your significant other may be apart on February 14. This might be the new norm right now due to the global pandemic too. However, just because you’re in an LDR during Valentine’s Day, it does not mean the special occasion has to be any less romantic. Make things special with these nine Valentine’s Day ideas for a long-distance relationship, even if the distance is temporary.

Plan A Virtual Dinner Date

Plan A Virtual Dinner Date

Thanks to the developments in technology, there are now numerous video chat platforms. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’ve most likely already video chatted to communicate.

For this Valentine’s Day, exert more effort to make things special and memorable by planning a virtual dinner date. It can be just as romantic and fancy as it would be in person. Break out the music, candles, and wine. Cook some steak and you’ve got a lovely evening ahead.

Send Your Partner A Gift

Even if you’re not in each other’s arms right now, your partner can hold a part of you through a sweet gift.

A stunning bouquet like Island Rose’s Be My Valentine will never fail to put a smile on her face. These dozen perfectly blooming red and white rose varieties are imported from Europe and grown in the most sophisticated flower farm in the Philippines. It’s all you need to let express your immense appreciation and love this Valentine’s.

Perhaps you want to opt for something long-lasting? Leave her in awe with a box of flowers and a piece of jewelry. The Island Rose Complete Love bundle comes with a darling garden of vibrant roses in a box and a puffed-up silver heart pendant. Make your gift delivery complete by adding a sweet treat like chocolates.

These are all that you need to remind her how she warms your heart every day, even if you are not in each other’s arms right now.

Write Each Other Handwritten Letters

Write Each Other Handwritten Letters

Sure, you can easily send a message to your partner using social media. But, there’s nothing more heartfelt than a handwritten letter. There is a good reason why ancient history reveals couples exchange handwritten letters. It’s one of the noblest and romantic expressions of devotion that will last even after Valentine’s Day.

Pour out your feelings into writing to sustain and rekindle your romance. Powerful words are a thoughtful gift that can be treasured for generations. Moreover, taking the time to send a handwritten letter shows how much you cherish your partner.

Stream A Movie At The Same Time

Once again, technology has made it a tad bit easier for long-distance relationships. This Valentine’s Day You can stream a movie at the same time with your partner. Several streaming platforms let you watch simultaneously with someone without having to sync up together manually.

If there’s a movie that you and your partner are both dying to see, you can set up a time to go see it on Valentine’s Day. Watch your favorite films and see all their reactions. You can even eat the same snacks while watching. Chat about your favorite parts after the movie. It’s a sweet and cozy long-distance date idea!

Send A Pre-Recorded Video Message

Send A Pre-Recorded Video Message

Maybe you’re singing a song, maybe you’re reading a love note out loud that you wrote, or maybe you’re showing all your favorite places you used to visit together.

Get the perfect lighting and record a video message for your partner. Remember to include all the things you love about them, how grateful you are for their love, and that you miss them. Sometimes, you can turn things around to be more special and intimate when expressing your love. Your partner will adore your Valentine’s Day pre-recorded video message.

Listen To Playlists Together

Put together a playlist of your favorite songs that you love listening to when you’re together. Do you sing along to songs in the car? Do you have songs that remind you of your partner? Listen to the playlists together and bond over them.

Do Arts and Crafts

Do Arts and Crafts

Grab your crafting supplies and use your creativity this Valentine’s Day. Do art and crafts virtually which can include canvas painting, clay sculpting, or decorating a scrapbook. You can even send each other the pieces of art that you made.

Watch The Sunset Together

Whether it’s at the beach, on a rooftop, or from your room window — plan to video chat while the sunsets. A sunset is incredibly romantic and you don’t need to be standing next to each other to appreciate its beauty. If time zones are the problem, share your sunset through a pre-recorded video and vice versa.

Surprise Your Partner In Person

Surprise Your Partner In Person

You might have been thinking endlessly about the day you meet your significant other again. Who doesn’t love surprises? When it comes to Valentine’s Day, one option is to surprise your partner in real life. Show up right on their doorstep on Valentine’s Day for the most romantic gesture of all.

Of course, this will require advance planning. If you’re traveling far, keep in mind that safety is of the utmost importance. Remember to adhere to the health protocols.

Key Takeaway

Maintaining a long-distance relationship (LDR) is no easy feat. However, being miles away should not stop you from expressing your love this Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect time to show your sincerest appreciation and care with these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your long-distance relationship.

At Island Rose, we can help you make things more special for the most romantic time of the year. Send the warmth of your love with our farm-fresh flower bouquets and gift line. Let our team deliver your lovely gifts right to your partner’s doorstep.

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