How To Pick The Right Flowers For Valentine’s Day

erika Tempongko


February 12, 2021

How can you pick the right flowers for Valentine’s Day?

  1. Think of your recipient’s preferences
  2. Make it personal
  3. Consider your relationship
  4. Ensure the quality
  5. Don’t buy them last minute
  6. Check for non-stock photos of bouquets
  7. Get advice from the florist

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This means every couple will be exchanging gifts to each other. For the most romantic time of the year, flowers are always the fresh choice for a gift. They perfectly express feelings of love, care, and affection. However, choosing the perfect bouquet for your partner can be difficult. As the leading flower delivery in Makati, we’re here to guide you on how to pick the right flowers for Valentine’s Day. We have been catering to clients for years. You can rest assured these are foolproof, expert tips that will never fail to impress your date. Read on!

Think Of Your Recipient’s Preferences

Think Of Your Recipient’s Preferences

Does she like vibrant red flowers? Or perhaps pastel-colored blooms? If you have no idea, think about what colors she often wears or the items she has. This can be evident in the color of her phone case, her shoes, or her laptop. Chances are you’ll recall the answers back when you were around her.

Does she like classic wrapped arrangements or ones in a vase? Or perhaps flowers in a box? There are options for those flowers as well like the Island Rose Love In Black.

No matter what you choose, it would be best to consider your recipient’s preferences. This way, you’ll be one step ahead of finding flowers that she’ll absolutely love.

Make It Personal

If you’re busy with responsibilities, it could be tempting to just whip out your credit card and order whichever flowers you see. But, if you truly want to express feelings of love and care for your date, you’d choose flowers that have a personal touch.

You can think about your significant other’s personality. Shy and sweet? A bouquet of subtle pink flowers just might fit her personality. Funny and quirky? Vibrant orange flowers like the Island Rose Salsa resemble the blazing sunset sky and will certainly match her outgoing vibe.

Don’t forget to add a sweet and loving message conveying your affection on the attached greeting card! Trust us, she will adore and keep that precious memento received on Valentine’s Day.

Consider Your Relationship

Consider Your Relationship

Different flower colors have different meanings. For this Valentine’s Day, you might want to reflect on your relationship and choose a bouquet accordingly.

For example, lovely pink flowers like the Island Rose Calima are associated with gentleness. Its subtle color can also be used to express appreciation and gratitude. Another example would be white flowers that signify purity. It would be the ideal flowers for budding romances because it expresses your sincerest intentions.

If you’re in doubt, choose classic red roses like the Red France. This flower is commonly given during Valentine’s Day by couples because it carries the universal meaning of immense love and passion.

Ensure The Quality

You would want to purchase only the most stunning bouquet for your significant other or date. For this reason, you must ensure the quality of the flowers. While there will be numerous options for flowers sprawling everywhere, not all would offer the same high-quality blooms.

At Island Rose, we care for your flowers from the time they are planted to the time they are delivered to your date’s doorstep. So when you call us, you can be assured that the quality is maintained. Your flowers are imported from Europe and grown in the most sophisticated greenhouses in the Philippines so that their leaves are clean, stems are straight, colors are vibrant, full blooming, and will have the maximum vase life.

Don’t Buy Them At The Last Minute

Don’t Buy Them At The Last Minute

If you choose to buy at the last minute from physical stores, there’s a big chance of not getting a fresh bouquet. The flowers would have already wilted throughout the day.

On another note, remember that Valentine’s Day is an immensely hectic time for florists. It is the peak time of the year where everyone orders flowers for their loved ones. This is why you have to order from online flower deliveries in advance. Through this, you will never have to stress about whether your preferred flowers are available as well.

Check For Non-Stock Photos of Bouquets

Be cautious and be on the lookout for stock photos of bouquets. These are professional grade photos that already existed before. Don’t end up being disappointed when the flowers arrive and they do not look the same as the ones you saw.

Get Advice From The Florist

Get Advice From The Florist

Your florists have already catered to endless customers that send flowers to their significant other. If you need advice for the right flowers for Valentine’s Day, they are the experts you should ask.

Describe the kind of relationship you have with your recipient. You can also mention the favorite colors of your date. The florist will recommend the perfect complementary hues to beautify the bouquet. This is the time to state your ideal budget as well so your florist will know what flowers to work with.

In the end, you’ll be delighted with the results and even impress your date to the fullest.

Key Takeaway

Here is a foolproof guide on how to pick the right flowers for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget these tips and you’ll certainly put a smile on your date’s face. It will also express your romantic feelings perfectly.

As the leading flower delivery in Makati, Island Rose would be more than happy to work with you in choosing the right flowers for Valentine’s Day. All our flowers are imported from Europe and grown on the most sophisticated farm in the Philippines. We ensure each flower is hand-picked, full blooming, arranged impressively with ribbons, a personalized greeting card, and shipped by first-class couriers.

We offer next day delivery of flowers anywhere in the Philippines for orders placed before 4:00 PM. Same-day flower delivery is available in Metro Manila areas from Monday to Friday for orders placed before ​8:00 am. We also highly encourage advance orders for Valentine’s Day.

Click here to start browsing the shop or contact us at +632-8626-3845 for more inquiries.

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