4 Home Office Floral Arrangements To Inspire Productivity

erika Tempongko


March 26, 2021

What are the home office floral arrangements to inspire productivity?

  1. A Mix Of Motivating Colors: Sunset
  2. Pure White Flowers: Gloria
  3. A Modern Floral Box Centerpiece: Love In Orange
  4. A Rustic Touch of Chrysanthemums: Allure

When it comes to starting a home design project, the home office can be an easily overlooked avenue for decor. However, its functionality cannot be ignored, especially now that quarantine resulted in people adapting to the work from home setting. This living space is where you will be doing tasks throughout the day. It’s only right to adorn it in a way that cultivates productivity and creativity. In addition to thoughtful interior design, home office floral arrangements act as a lively and energizing style accent.

Having home office floral arrangements goes beyond providing cleaner air. It is backed by scientific studies that the stimulating visual of flowers can greatly improve moods and reduce stress levels. To add to that, decorating with a stunning bouquet can help improve work performance by developing your perceived vitality, enhancing memory performance, and increasing attention span.

By now, it is clear to see why you need to have a bunch of lovely blooms in your home office. Much like with flowers for life’s most important events, there’s a lot that goes into choosing home office floral arrangements. As the best flower delivery in Makati, we did the legwork and rounded up the 4 best ones to pair with your home office design.

A Mix Of Motivating Colors: Sunset

A Mix Of Motivating Colors: Sunset

It is well-known that colors influence one’s productivity, creativity, and mood at work. Among all the hues in the color palette, however, red and yellow are the ones you’d want to use for your home office floral arrangement.

A study found that the colors red and yellow increase heart rate, making it an ideal floral shade for mental alertness while working. Reds and yellows are also said to stimulate attention levels. It would be a good idea to use these in your floral arrangement for focus and productivity.

Grouping a bunch of yellow and red flowers like Island Rose’s Sunset can do more than add a romantic and aesthetic appeal to your home office! This bunch of wonderfully arranged vibrant long stem roses is a delight to look at while working. These flowers just might motivate you to stay on top of tasks.

Pure White Flowers: Gloria

Pure White Flowers: Gloria

Contrary to vibrant colors, having a pure white floral arrangement for home offices can evoke a feeling of purity and peacefulness. Often used in minimalist and contemporary spaces, a white bouquet can complement an intensely bright home office and create a feeling that is free from distractions.

Place a pure white floral bunch like Island Rose’s Gloria to act as an accent piece in your colorful home office. If you use a clear vase, the long stems of this angelic variety can be unmatched in prestige and charm. Opting for a white flower palette is also a versatile choice because you can change up your décor anytime and never worry about clashing colors.

A Modern Floral Box Centerpiece: Love In Orange

A Modern Floral Box Centerpiece: Love In Orange

Today’s modern floral arrangements for offices tend to have fewer restrictions when it comes to form and size. As long as your budget allows and your space’s symmetrical balance is emphasized, you are free to choose a flower that adds a pop of liveliness and inspires productivity. Even an innovative and lovely floral box centerpiece can become a dominant focal point in your home office.

Just imagine how a floral arrangement like Island Rose’s Love in Orange can improve the look of your home office! One look at the full blooming red roses can instantly offer a surge of motivation and inspiration. Each rose is meticulously cut at the stem to adorn your working space as a centerpiece.

A Rustic Touch of Chrysanthemums: Allure

A Rustic Touch of Chrysanthemums: Allure

You can’t go wrong with a rustic touch of chrysanthemums for inspiring productivity in your home office. After all, the key role of using flowers is to make the space lively and bright—offering a conducive and pleasing working environment.

Liven up your home office with a rustic bunch like Island Rose’s Allure. The mix of red roses and green, pale pink, orange, and yellow chrysanthemums will remind of the beauty of the outdoors. To further emphasize the rural countryside feel, consider using a wooden vase.

Key Takeaway

These are just some of the stunning floral arrangements for your home office. This is one of the most functional spaces in your home. So, make sure you decorate it with fresh flowers that are pleasing to look at and inspire productivity!

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