Send The Deepest Condolences With These 4 Funeral Flowers In the Philippines

erika Tempongko


March 30, 2021

What are some of the funeral flowers in the Philippines to help you send your deepest condolences?

  1. White Harmony Premium
  2. Lavender Harmony
  3. Gloria
  4. Console

When you lose a loved one, it can seem like nothing in the world will make the pain go away. However, the fact that there are people who care for you can help in easing that pain, even just a little. If you know about someone who is grieving, sending funeral flowers in the Philippines will signify your sincerest actions for expressing the deepest condolences.

As the leading flower delivery in Makati, our team at Island Rose understands it can be challenging to send funeral flowers. Given the emotional occasion, funerals require a much deeper knowledge of flowers to convey your feelings of respect for a loss. Here is a guide to the most appropriate funeral flower arrangements.

From simple bouquets of white roses to more elaborate wreaths—we have a wide selection of funeral flowers in the Philippines to meet your needs. Craft your thoughts and prayers to offer to the bereaved and let us fill in the blanks where words could never be enough. Read on.

White Harmony Premium

Naturally, most people are extra cautious when it comes to funeral flowers. These can carry certain meanings for expressing condolences. However, you can take your cue from the family to make sure your flowers convey the right message.

If you are not sure about what to send, go for a white wreath. It is the most traditional and appropriate funeral flower. Given its color, it does the job of signifying purity, sincerity, spirituality, and hope for peace for the bereaved family. To add that, wreaths can be displayed next to the casket as a sentiment of respect to the deceased. These are ideal flower arrangements for delivering to the funeral location.

Island Rose’s White Harmony Premium is a classic arrangement that has pure white roses surrounded by beautiful green foliage. It also comes with an easy-to-assemble table-top stand for displaying purposes. Sending the White Harmony Premium Wreath is perfect for reminding the bereaved of the person who has touched lives with a pure heart.

Lavender Harmony

Lavender Harmony

Remember that even though funerals are a time to mourn a loss, they can also be a time to celebrate the life of the dearly departed. Blooms with a little color can be a meaningful tribute to the person who was joyous in their life.

Extraordinary people deserve to be honored. Choosing our Lavender Harmony Wreath is best suited to remember the person who led a life full of adventures and cherished memories. Let this sophisticated rose arrangement accompany a bittersweet goodbye to someone very dear.



It does not matter if you plan on attending the wake, burial, or cannot attend at all. You can send funeral flowers to express your deepest condolences. Just remember that when it comes to funeral flowers, there is a certain set of etiquette you need to observe to make sure your arrangement is appropriate.

Aside from considering the meaning behind the blooms, you would also need to reach out to the bereaved family and ask where they would like the arrangement to be delivered. If you find that the funeral service is done, you can deliver a hand-held flower to the family. The Island Rose Gloria contains one dozen of fresh, pure white flowers in bouquet form. The family can simply place it in a vase and be reminded of the sympathy you’ve expressed for their loss.



Don’t want to opt for a traditional bouquet for your funeral flowers? Choose to give a lovely sympathy box that can be used as a table centerpiece to express your heartfelt condolences.

The Island Rose Console comes with subtle white and cream pink roses seated in a black box lined with the words “In Loving Memory”. Let the family give honor to their loved one with your flower arrangement.

Key Takeaway

Losing a loved one is difficult for anyone. But, you can ease someone’s burden by sending funeral flowers in the Philippines to make them feel you care and to express your deepest condolences. Just keep in mind that there are etiquettes that should be observed when it comes to funeral flowers.

At such an event like this, we here at Island Rose understand the need for some sensitivities and urgencies. At the leading flower delivery in Makati, we have a wide selection of funeral flowers and can deliver them to the bereaved family or the funeral location. We also have options for same-day delivery in Metro Manila areas from Monday to Friday for orders placed before ​8:00 am (PH Time).

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