6 Popular Wedding Flower Ideas This 2021 You Need To See

erika Tempongko


May 4, 2021

What are the popular wedding flower ideas this 2021?

  1. Modern neutral hues
  2. Timeless garden-style bouquets
  3. Playful and bright blooms
  4. More symbolization
  5. Cascading bouquets
  6. Dynamic tablescapes

Planning to get married anytime soon? With the reduced guest count brought by the quarantine, couples can now cut down on several expenses such as catering and venue rentals. That means you can allocate more budget to upgrading your floral designs! From modern neutral hand bouquets, bright centerpieces, to flamboyant backdrops, the most popular wedding flower ideas for 2021 will inspire you to make your special day even more special.

Your wedding flowers are intrinsic to the overall look and feel of your special day. The various elements of flowers such as colors, greens, and foliage come together to offer a romantic vibe to the ceremony. Undoubtedly, flowers are a piece of art, and just like any other art, it needs to be arranged correctly. As you work your way through the wedding planning process, make sure you find a flower delivery in Makati who understands what kind of style you are looking to achieve.

For the day you finally tie the knot, here are 6 popular wedding flower trends this 2021 to serve as inspiration! Read on.

Modern Neutral Hues

Modern Neutral Hues

There’s a good reason why blushes and neutrals are rising to polarity among modern wedding flowers. The floral buzzwords for weddings this 2021 are all about light and ethereal aesthetics.

If you want to achieve a modern neutral-hued wedding flower, embrace a monochromatic color scheme dominated by whites and pinks to create a delicate focal point. The key to the monochromatic bouquet is to work within subtle shades of the same color to not overpower any of the other beautiful details. Take a look at the Only You mixed bouquet by Island Rose for inspiration. Its palette of two-toned pink chrysanthemums and white roses has a peaceful feel.

Peaceful and exquisite, shades of beige, ivory, cream, and blush are also shades that will look lovely for your wedding bouquet. Afterward, pair the blooms with diverse textures such as lush greeneries and small filler flowers of the same neutral shade.

Timeless Garden-Style Bouquets

Timeless Garden-Style Bouquets

Among the popular wedding flower ideas for 2021, the vintage feel of garden-style bouquets is all the rage as well. For your special day, think about the vibes from the late 1800s and early 1900s. This trend conveys messages of timeless decor for weddings.

For your wedding flowers, aim for textural flowers adorned with greenery that is reminiscent of majestic gardens in the past. Island Rose’s Rustic bouquet comes with a blend of red and white roses, white chrysanthemums, green and rust orange button poms, and plenty of lemon leaves to add a whimsical garden accent. This is an ideal arrangement for creating a charming and elegantly chic look.

Playful And Bright Blooms

Playful And Bright Blooms

Delicate hues will always have their place for popular wedding flower ideas this 2021. But, bright and playful colored blooms will also be big since couples are letting their floral decoration have more time in the spotlight. Everyone wants to create a mood-lifting, fun, and celebratory vibe for their weddings this year.

Bright and playful palettes can mean different things for different couples. For some, it’s all about saturated color combinations like this Mediterranean bouquet with shades of full-blooming yellow and orange roses. No matter what palette you are choosing for your wedding flower, have fun mixing bold pops of colors such as canary yellow, tangerine orange, fiery red, lime green, or deep purple.

More Symbolization

More Symbolization

If you’re a couple who are sick of waiting for the perfect time to tie the knot amid the pandemic, your mindset for your wedding flower this 2021 can be all about intentional and meaningful blooms with less fluff. Of course, this intention can come from wanting to truly make your day extra special after waiting for so long.

This is your chance to highlight your favorite flowers and hues that come with significance. Think about selecting a flower that symbolizes an event that is important to you as a couple. For example, your partner might have given you bright red roses every anniversary. Then, decorating your wedding with flowers like Island Rose’s Red France might be your best choice.

Cascading Bouquets

A cascading bouquet refers to an arrangement of flowers that cascades from the bride’s hands, which creates a trailing effect. When done right, a cascading bouquet creates a visual factor that is eye-catching — a factor for those who want to add a dramatic flair to their wedding day.

Where do you start when attempting to make a cascading bouquet? Start with a timeless color palette of white flowers and plenty of greeneries. An updated take on this floral trend could be to settle for a more petite cascade to highlight the bride’s look and avoid a heavy bouquet.

Dynamic Tablescapes

Weddings may look a bit different for 2021 given the quarantine, but there would still be a focus on having a beautiful meal with loved ones at a stunning table. Guests are spending more time seated, with social distancing, and this change has made the aesthetic of the reception table a priority for couples. Place standout floral centerpieces for your wedding to elevate your tablescapes to the next level.

Key Takeaway

This year’s wedding scene might look different, but you can still make your wedding extra special through stunning decorations such as flower arrangements. Whether you are replanning a postponed wedding or hosting a small backyard wedding, here are 6 popular wedding flower ideas for 2021 to serve as inspiration!

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