Since its inception, Island Rose has made its mark in the local cut flower industry. Long vase life, introduction of exciting new colors, and the consistent availability of long stem harvests are the more apparent contributions of the company in the local cut flower industry. Island Rose attributes this success to its quality-oriented staff combined with reliable suppliers, the right variety mix, and proper post harvest handling. These market standards have since contributed to pushing the local industry to come up with better products and services.


Compared  to many growers, Island Rose keeps the record of having the most  stable process as well as a consistent supply. Protected  by greenhouse structures, the roses are safe from the harsh effects of open environment, hence can be harvested  all year round - rain or shine. Its production facilities are designed for mass production of many colors and varieties  that enables it to absorb large quantity orders. This is why the company is one of the most sought after suppliers for special occasions, retailers, hotels, and florists.


Island Rose is run by a professional team that allows it to deal with its clients in a straightforward manner. It knows the value of opinion and puts high importance to the sentiments of clients as its guiding light.