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Philippine Cut Flower Corporation (PCFC) literally invented the Philippine cut flower industry when it started the first full scale rose production in 1983 and petitioned for pioneer status. Today, the industry has been joined by other growers and has been recognised as an independent contributor to the Philippine economy.


Island Rose cultivates its flowers in the most modern greenhouse facility in the Philippines.

Why Island Rose?

If you’ve bought high quality roses in the Philippines, chances are you’ve come across us!

www.islandrose.net is the official e-commerce site of the Philippine Cut Flower Corporation (PCFC) - the largest retailer and wholesaler of roses in the country. Island Rose specializes in growing popular Dutch and French variety flowers using state-of-the art greenhouse facilities in the cool climate of Tagaytay, Philippines.

There is no flower delivery service quite like Island Rose. At www.islandrose.net, you can order high quality roses straight from the farm for delivery anywhere in the Philippines. This gives you the advantage of having the freshest and widest selection of genuine Island Rose products at the fairest prices.

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