Purple, Pink and White Roses are the best colors for your crush. Purple roses symbolises love at first sight. A bouquet of white roses on the other hand is the best way to say "I am thinking of you". Lastly, when you have very important to say, say it with pink roses.
Noblesse Quick View


3-Stem Salmon Pink Roses


Noblesse Quick View


6-Stem Salmon Pink Roses


Pure White Quick View

Pure White

3-Stem White Roses


Pure White Quick View

Pure White

6-Stem White Roses


Blush Deluxe Quick View

Blush Deluxe

One Dozen Pink & White Roses


Charm Deluxe Quick View

Charm Deluxe

One Dozen Cream & Pink Roses


Gloria Deluxe Quick View

Gloria Deluxe

One Dozen White Roses


Gloria Premium Quick View

Gloria Premium

Two Dozen White Roses


Joanne Deluxe Quick View

Joanne Deluxe

One Dozen Pink Roses


Messenger Bear™ Light Brown Quick View

Messenger Bear™ Light Brown

Teddy Bear with Customised Message


Messenger Bear™ Ivory White Quick View

Messenger Bear™ Ivory White

Teddy Bear with Customised Message


Pink Deluxe w/ Vase Quick View

Pink Deluxe w/ Vase

12 Pink Roses in a Vase


Polar Bear Quick View

Polar Bear

Polar Bear


Secret Admirer Quick View

Secret Admirer

Box of Roses and Lala Bear


Sparkle Quick View


Rose & Carnation Flowers


Sweet Thoughts Quick View

Sweet Thoughts

6-stems Pink Roses, Belgian Chocolate Bars


The Jewel Collection Quick View

The Jewel Collection

Hand-Painted Pralines


Cool Water Deluxe Quick View

Cool Water Deluxe

One Dozen Lavender Roses


Cool Water Quick View

Cool Water

3-Stem Lavender Roses


Glitter Deluxe Quick View

Glitter Deluxe

One Dozen Peach & Lavender Roses


Royale Deluxe Quick View

Royale Deluxe

One Dozen Yellow & Lavender Roses


Cool Water Premium Quick View

Cool Water Premium

Two Dozen Lavender Roses


White Allure Quick View

White Allure

Roses and Chrysanthemums


Love in Violet Quick View

Love in Violet

Red Roses In A Violet Keepsake Box


Fresh in Yellow Quick View

Fresh in Yellow

White Roses In A Yellow Keepsake Box