Experience first class flower delivery services to any destination in the Philippines. Our international standard long stem (45-50 cm) roses are a classic among rose enthusiasts worldwide. All our flowers are imported from Europe and grown in our farm in the Philippines. Flower bouquets are delivered in bud stage beautifully bunched and wrapped in classic florist designed Island Rose packaging with a personalized greeting card. Perfect for any occasion!
White Naomi Quick View

White Naomi

3-stem White Roses


White Naomi Deluxe Quick View

White Naomi Deluxe

One Dozen White Roses


Red France Deluxe Quick View

Red France Deluxe

One Dozen Red Roses


Cool Water Premium Quick View

Cool Water Premium

Two Dozen Lavender Roses


Lavender Allure Quick View

Lavender Allure

Rose & Chrysanthemum Flowers


Red Passion Quick View

Red Passion

3-Stem Red Roses


Elegance Quick View


Rose, Lily & Violet Statice Flowers


Glitter Premium Quick View

Glitter Premium

Two Dozen Peach & Lavender Roses


Classic Deluxe Quick View

Classic Deluxe

One Dozen Red & White Roses


Salsa Premium Quick View

Salsa Premium

Two Dozen Orange Roses


Grand Gala Premium Quick View

Grand Gala Premium

Two Dozen Red Roses


White Dazzle Quick View

White Dazzle

Rose, Chrysanthemum & Daisy Flowers


Calima Quick View


3-Stem Peach Roses


Salsa Deluxe Quick View

Salsa Deluxe

One Dozen Orange Roses


Breeze Quick View


Roses, Carnations, Liliums, Snap Dragons


Berry Premium Quick View

Berry Premium

Two Dozen Red & Pink Roses


Sunset Deluxe Quick View

Sunset Deluxe

One Dozen Red & Yellow Roses


Charm Premium Quick View

Charm Premium

Two Dozen Cream & Pink Roses


Candy Deluxe Quick View

Candy Deluxe

One Dozen White & Orange Roses


Noblesse Quick View


6-Stem Salmon Pink Roses


Mediterranean Premium Quick View

Mediterranean Premium

Two Dozen Yellow & Orange Roses


Salsa Quick View


3-Stem Orange Roses


Forever Quick View


One Dozen Red Roses, Teddy Bear, Pralines


Delight Quick View


Roses, Carnations, Liliums, Mums & Statice


Pastel Deluxe Quick View

Pastel Deluxe

One Dozen Peach & White Roses


Red France Premium Quick View

Red France Premium

Two Dozen Red Roses


Caribbean Quick View


Rose, Liliy, Mums & Snap Dragon Flowers


Fancy Deluxe Quick View

Fancy Deluxe

One Dozen Yellow & Pink Roses


Amethyst Quick View


Rose, Mums & Statice Flowers


Joanne Deluxe Quick View

Joanne Deluxe

One Dozen Pink Roses


Gloria Premium Quick View

Gloria Premium

Two Dozen White Roses


Cool Water Quick View

Cool Water

6-Stem Lavender Roses


Scarlet Quick View


Roses, Alstromerias, Gerberas, Lilium & Statice


Calima Premium Quick View

Calima Premium

Two Dozen Cream Roses


Cardinal Quick View


Rose, Alstromeria, Mums & Lily Flowers


Grand Gala Deluxe Quick View

Grand Gala Deluxe

One Dozen Red Roses


Salsa Quick View


6-Stem Orange Roses


Glitter Deluxe Quick View

Glitter Deluxe

One Dozen Peach & Lavender Roses


Berry Deluxe Quick View

Berry Deluxe

One Dozen Red & Pink Roses


Calima Quick View


6-stem Peach Rses


Sunburst Quick View


Mums, Gerbera & Snap Dragon Flowers


Charm Deluxe Quick View

Charm Deluxe

One Dozen Cream & Pink Roses


Diva Deluxe Quick View

Diva Deluxe

One Dozen Orange & Red Roses


Sunrise Deluxe Quick View

Sunrise Deluxe

One Dozen Yellow & White Roses


Magenta Quick View


Rose & Statice Flowers


Christine Deluxe Quick View

Christine Deluxe

One Dozen Yellow Roses


Pure White Quick View

Pure White

3-Stem White Roses


Noblesse Premium Quick View

Noblesse Premium

Two Dozen Pink Roses


Cool Water Deluxe Quick View

Cool Water Deluxe

One Dozen Lavender Roses


Rustic Quick View


Roses, Asparagus, Lisianthus, Mums & Statice


Sunrise Premium Quick View

Sunrise Premium

Two Dozen Yellow & White Roses


Blush Deluxe Quick View

Blush Deluxe

One Dozen Pink & White Roses


Dusk Deluxe Quick View

Dusk Deluxe

One Dozen Orange & Peach Roses


Candy Premium Quick View

Candy Premium

Two Dozen White & Orange Roses


Raspberry Quick View


Rose & Stargazer Lily Flowers


Gloria Deluxe Quick View

Gloria Deluxe

One Dozen White Roses


Four Seasons Premium Quick View

Four Seasons Premium

Two Dozen Mixed Roses


Bliss Quick View


Rose, Carnation & Stargazer Lily Flowers


Royale Deluxe Quick View

Royale Deluxe

One Dozen Yellow & Lavender Roses


Red Passion Quick View

Red Passion

6-Stem Red Roses


Blush Premium Quick View

Blush Premium

Two Dozen Pink & White Roses


Sunset Premium Quick View

Sunset Premium

Two Dozen Red & Yellow Roses


Cameo Quick View


Roses, Alstromeria, Carnations, Gerberas, Mums


Christine Premium Quick View

Christine Premium

Two Dozen Yellow Roses


Classic  Premium Quick View

Classic Premium

Two Dozen Red & White Roses


Christine Quick View


6-Stem Yellow Roses


Adore Quick View


Stargazer Lily & Rose Flowers


Royale Premium Quick View

Royale Premium

Two Dozen Yellow & Lavender Roses


Pastel Premium Quick View

Pastel Premium

Two Dozen Peach & White Roses


Red Carnival Quick View

Red Carnival

Rose & Chrysanthemum Flowers


Four Seasons Deluxe Quick View

Four Seasons Deluxe

One Dozen Mixed Roses


Christine Quick View


3-Stem Yellow Roses


Noblesse Deluxe Quick View

Noblesse Deluxe

One Dozen Pink Roses


Fiesta Quick View


Carnations, Mums & Violet Statice Flowers


Joanne Premium Quick View

Joanne Premium

Two Dozen Pink Roses


Pink Carnival Quick View

Pink Carnival

Rose & Chrysanthemum Flowers


Dusk Premium Quick View

Dusk Premium

Two Dozen Orange & Peach Roses


Romance Quick View


Roses, Asparagus, Carnations & Gerberas


Pure White Quick View

Pure White

6-Stem White Roses


Embrace Quick View


Carnation, Mums & Asparagus Flowers


Mediterranean Deluxe Quick View

Mediterranean Deluxe

One Dozen Yellow & Orange Roses


Calima Deluxe Quick View

Calima Deluxe

One Dozen Cream Roses


White Allure Quick View

White Allure

Rose & Chrysanthemum Flowers


Diva Premium Quick View

Diva Premium

Two Dozen Orange & Red Roses


Cool Water Quick View

Cool Water

3-Stem Lavender Roses


Sparkle Quick View


Rose & Carnation Flowers


Fancy Premium Quick View

Fancy Premium

Two Dozen Yellow & Pink Roses


Noblesse Quick View


3-Stem Salmon Pink Roses


Destiny Quick View


One Dozen Mixed Pink Roses & Chocolates


Love Spell Quick View

Love Spell

Two Dozens Red Roses, Chocolates & Vase


Heartfelt Quick View


Customized Bear with 3 White Roses


Melody Quick View


Customized Bouquet w/ Handmade Chocolates


Harmony Quick View


6 stem roses with Handmade Chocolates


Cheerful Moments Quick View

Cheerful Moments

3-stem Red Roses, Lala bear & Chocolate bars


Happy Thoughts Quick View

Happy Thoughts

6-stem White Roses with Lala bear


White Romance Quick View

White Romance

1 Dozen White Roses, Lala bear & chocolate bars


Beautiful Day Quick View

Beautiful Day

1 Dozen Red Roses and Lala bear


Sweet Thoughts Quick View

Sweet Thoughts

6-stems Pink Roses, Belgian Chocolate Bars


Chocolate Cheers Quick View

Chocolate Cheers

3-stem Red Roses, Belgian Chocolate Bars


Sweet Fantasy Quick View

Sweet Fantasy

One Dozen Red Roses & Pralines


Red Dazzle Quick View

Red Dazzle

Rose, Chrysanthemum & Daisy Flowers


Floral Festival Quick View

Floral Festival

Roses, Chrysanthemums, and Statice


Nurture Quick View


Roses and Mums


Warmth Quick View


Roses, Statice, and Liliums


Grace Deluxe Quick View

Grace Deluxe

One Dozen White & Pink Roses


Cherish Deluxe Quick View

Cherish Deluxe

One Dozen White & Red Roses


Lovable Quick View


Six Pink Roses, Lala Bear, and Handmade Belgian Chocolates


Beautiful Quick View


One Dozen White and Pink Roses with Messenger Bearâ„¢


Admiration Quick View


One Dozen Pink Roses and Handmade Pralines


World's Best Mom Quick View

World's Best Mom

One Dozen White Roses, Handmade Pralines, and Messenger Bearâ„¢


Thoughtful Quick View


One Dozen Pink Roses and Rajo! Scented Candle


Calm Quick View


One Dozen White And Pink Roses and Rajo! Scented Candle


Pure Love Quick View

Pure Love

Dozen Red Roses & Silver Pendant with Necklace